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Our Philosophy

At FELIZ, we are guided by a set of unwavering principles that define who we are and what we stand for. We are deeply committed to providing our customers with the highest quality ejuice products, and this commitment is reflected in every aspect of our operations.

Chemical works

Finest Ingredients

we are dedicated to using only the highest-grade raw materials in our ejuice products. Our PG, VG, and nicotine are sourced from reputable suppliers with a 99% purity rating, and are certified by the FDA for food grade use

Image by Amy Shamblen

GRAS Flavors

we are committed to using only GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) flavors in our ejuice products. Our flavors undergo rigorous 3rd party lab testing to ensure that toxic ingredients like diacetyl and aldehydes have been removed, and we carefully review each and every component to ensure its safety


cGMP Production Standard

we engage in cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) as required by the FDA. This ensures that our manufacturing processes are in line with the highest standards of quality and safety. Each of our raw ingredients undergoes additional testing at the factory to confirm data accuracy, before they are used in mass production.

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